Anxiety Counseling Services in Pleasant Grove, UT

Depression and anxiety are far and away the most prevalent mental health issues of our time. The Depression & Anxiety Disorders Treatment Center (DADTC) offers clinically sound interventions that target the reduction of symptoms of both acute and chronic disorders. Whether due to genetic or psychological factors, those who suffer from mood and anxiety disorders often suffer in silence.

Cognitive distortions (often referred to as “thinking errors”) are at the root of the misery caused by depression and anxiety. Such disorders can begin in childhood (e.g., shyness), have an acute onset (e.g., postpartum depression), result from abuse or trauma, and in the most severe cases can produce low self-esteem, hopelessness, and suicidal feelings. Research has consistently shown that counseling, often in conjunction with medication, can have a powerful, lasting impact on a person’s mental health.

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