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Marriage & Family Relations Center

The  Marriage & Family Relations Center (MFRC) reaches out to couples and families in crisis. Whether your marriage simply needs a few adjustments or is falling apart, the quicker you get help the sooner your relationship will begin to heal.

What brings couples and families together in the first place — kindness, sensitivity, compromise, sacrifice — are usually the things that keep them together down the road. Criticism, blaming, stubbornness, and defensiveness are just a few of the human weaknesses that creep into a marriage and build walls of resentment and distrust, destroying feelings of good will. Unchecked, these feelings and attitudes will erode intimacy and desires to live and love together.

Many couples are frustrated that a marriage once full of love and unlimited dreams has become a constant source of tension. Others are frightened by the very real prospect of divorce.

Families, too, can be torn apart by addictions, a wayward child, or recurrent parent-child conflict. Counseling sessions with our therapists can help get family members unstuck and regain a sense of peace and harmony in the home. Professional services can likewise help couples get past arguing about problems and focus them instead on solutions that will rekindle feelings of love.

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